The Role Of Social Media Memes In Sending Political Messages

Social media and the internet are filled with all kinds of information uploads, including memes. Every time something tickles, netizens nimbly make a kind of parody of the incident by adding text that gives another meaning. Sometimes memes funny, some satirical, lots of sarcasm. Memes not only highlight trivial things in the environment, but some are political. Memes are a fundamental aspect of culture on social media and the internet.

Memes are away for a group of people or movements to spread the message more quickly. This has taken root and been adopted by many movements, especially in Asia Pacific countries. Memes in the context of the movement tend to be political. People use political humor on the internet which is then repackaged with mainstream culture. Humor is a means of exploring and understanding politics. Memes are cultural products that are based on social relationships, memories, historical references, geography, economics, and certain aspects of the assumption. Memes that are uploaded, liked, and shared by netizens are things that are considered interesting or funny, sometimes also reflecting their impression of a topic, or making them more sensitive to the topic being discussed. Through memes, the voices of people who are not from the elite can be conveyed and heard. Especially because the message conveyed can spread quickly and reach its destination.

There are also memes in the form of subtle satire. Take a meme about Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines. In the picture is a photo of Duterte, and on the right is a sentence that reads “Pray for President Duterte. Psalm 109: 8”. These are the most common examples of humorous memes in politics. The meme, which was first uploaded to Facebook, appeared in response to reports that Duterte had fallen from his motorcycle. Some people who see this meme may think netizens are sincerely praying for Duterte. In fact, the verse in Psalm 109: 8 reads, “I hope there are not many days, I hope someone else will take the lead.” It takes a lot of effort to understand humorous memes with multiple layers of context like this one

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