For those of you who like to explore the world of the internet, especially social media such as Path, Facebook, or Instagram, you must be familiar with memes. A meme is actually an image peppered with funny writing. This meme is indeed phenomenal because it is widely liked and has become a trend among netizens, especially young people. Although they are often made to be entertaining such as memes funny, not a few memes are also made to allude to things that often happen in society or as motivational images.

Apart from using cartoons or illustrations, many memes also use a photo of a person. The photos used are usually photos that are considered funny and in accordance with the words written in the meme. Usually, the more popular a meme is, the more famous the person whose photo is used to make the meme.

The following are some of the people whose faces were made into memes and boom:

Sammy Grinner The Success Kid

If you are looking for motivational words, you will definitely see a picture of a toddler clenching his fist and putting on an optimistic face. Because of his cute pose and face, this toddler whose real name is Sammy Grinner is known as “The Success Kid”. The photo itself was taken when Sammy was 3 years old. The very popular meme in cyberspace not only made Sammy a popular boy but also made him successfully raise funds to treat his father who was sick with kidneys.

Bad Luck Brian

One of the faces we often encounter on meme pages is Kylie Craven. The photo of him who is still in junior high school is often used as a meme. Not only circulating in cyberspace, but Kylie’s memes have also even been used as motifs for t-shirts and advertisements. Even though the “Bad Luck Brian” meme seems lousy because of wearing braces, now 26-year-old Kylie looks handsome and has worked for her father’s construction company.

Yao Ming

For you basketball lovers, you must be familiar with the figure of Yao Ming. This basketball player from China is already famous because he is one of the NBA players. But Yao Ming’s name became more and more shining when a portrait of himself laughing out loud at a press conference in 2009 became a meme. The photo was later used as a black and white sketch and became one of the most popular memes in cyberspace.